Mattress Cleaning Services

If you want your Mattress professionally cleaned, we’ll be happy to help with our expert Mattress cleaning services. Our trained professionals pay attention to detail and use eco-friendly solutions.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses can be manufactured using may types of stitching and fabrics, stitch bond, damask, knits and specials to name a few. When you snuggle into your bed at night, you’re sleeping on more than a comfy mattress. We’re talking sweat, dust mites and allergens all sharing the bed with you. To get your mattress really clean our fully trained mattress cleaning experts, who are fully insured will carefully analyse the type of fabric and stitching to achieve a deep, thorough, hygienic clean every time.

If your mattress is not regularly cleaned by trained mattress cleaning experts it can be quickly ruined with permanent stains, show their wear and continue to breed bed bugs, and dust mite.

Your mattress will not only get that fresh smell, soft feel and clean look you’d expect from a professional mattress clean, but will also receive a new deep cleaning process that ensures your mattress:

  • Last much longer
  • Gets rid of bug beds and dust mite
  • Filter harmful air pollutants
  • Rids your mattress of allergy-inflaming proteins

Our Step by Step Hot Water Extraction Cleaning System

Hot water extraction is commonly known as steam cleaning which is a method whereby a formulated cleaning solution is injected deep within the mattress and then extracted removing deep down dirt

5 times more powerful than a standard home vacuum cleaner!

Our expert will use a specialised high-power vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust and debris from deep within your mattress.

Our expert will inspect your mattress type of e type, construction, dye techniques and cushion as well as any heavy areas of soiling or staining and excessive wear and tear.

Our expert will apply an advanced formula pre-spray cleaning solution with high cleaning power but mild pH. This is then allowed to penetrate into the mattress to break down any bed bugs and dust mite and will also sanitise the mattress ready for extraction.

Our expert will inspect your mattress covering for any residual spots or stains. Any spots or stains will get extra treatment with our many specialty spotting solutions.

Our expert will gently work the advanced formula pre-spray cleaning solution into the mattress ensuring as much of the dirt possible is released in order to be removed. At the same time, any remaining soil and dust is transferred to the cleaning solution.

We achieve this using a specially designed agitating brushes.

Our expert will rinse the mattress with a powerful hot water extraction machine. This works by first injecting an anti-bacterial deodoriser into the mattress at high pressure. This dislodges any remaining soil and killing any germs that reside within the mattress. Our high powered twin vacuum motors also extract the dirty solution into the waste tank leaving your mattress as dry as possible.

Our expert will inspect the cleaning results. If you are available he will ensure you are delighted with the service.

Our expert will brush the mattress fibres into line using a process called Pile Alignment. As well as ensuring the best visual finish, pile alignment also aids drying time.

Here are some carpet care tips to help keep your carpets looking great:

  • Rotate your mattress often and flip it every month to maintain comfort.
  • Give it good support. Be sure to use a sturdy, high-quality bed frame. If it’s a queen or king size bed, make sure your frame has the strong centre support that will prevent the mattress from bowing or breakage.
  • Let it breathe. If you detect any odour, leave the mattress uncovered and well ventilated for a few hours. A breath of fresh air should do the trick!
  • Don’t dry clean. The chemicals in dry cleaning agents/spot removers may be harmful to the fabric or underlying materials. Professional cleaning is the only recommended cleaning method. But if you’re determined to tackle a stain, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly. Do not ever soak a mattress or foundation.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Again, be sure to follow any specific guidelines from your manufacturer for the best method of mattress care.

Mattress Protection

Mattress protection

London Sofa&Carpet Cleaners Mattress Protection has the ability to kill dust mites on contact and deposits a long lasting layer that prevents them feeding or breeding – killing 99.9% over a 7-day period. Any dust mites who have penetrated the mattress, are destroyed when they come to the surface to feed on dead skin cells or mite faeces. London Sofa&Carpet Cleaners mattress protection provides long lasting protection against asthma, eczema, hay fever, sinusitis, mould, fungi, bacteria and their resulting malodors.

Allergy Protection

London Sofa&Carpet Cleaners Allergy Protection will kill any existing dust mite infestation as well as leaving a permanent barrier against further procreation. London Sofa&Carpet Cleaners allergy protection is a safe and highly durable dust mite protection for all home and commercial textiles. By destroying the dust mite food chain. London Sofa&Carpet Cleaners allergy protection removes the major cause of allergies such as asthma, eczema, sinusitis, hay fever etc.

James Ravden
James Ravden
Fast, efficient, great service and even better result! I would strongly recommend Serdar. He did an awesome job for our velvet sofa which was covered in water, milk and paint stains!
Nino Ocampo
Nino Ocampo
Amazing service! Our sofa and both antique Moroccan carpets look amazing now!
Eleni Demou
Eleni Demou
Very professional cleaning by Serdar. Thank you
Patricia Matos
Patricia Matos
Absolutely great service highly recommend
Sam McCarthy
Sam McCarthy
Great service - couch like new!
Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood
Serdar was absolutely fantastic. He cleaned my sofa that was in a bad state from my Labrador and it now looks brand new. He also cleaned a cream carpet that had been walked on for months by wets dogs and that also looks amazing. Incredibly polite, efficient and highly recommended.
Clara Bodelon
Clara Bodelon
Very happy with the service, my sofa and rugs look like new.

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